Indulgent Treatments
The Spa at Falaza Game Park
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Youth-Venom Hot Stone Facial

(75-90 min) – R800

A decadent signature facial that incorporates the use of hot stones to enhance the benefits of the facial.
The key ingredient is formulated to soften expression lines and improve deep wrinkles.
Facial muscle contractions are relaxed, and wrinkles appear filled with the skin noticeably smoother.


The Dimple Destructor
(60 min) – R400 per treatment

Recommended Course of 6 to see definite results
Course of 4 Treatments is R1440.00, save R160.00
Course of 5 Treatments is R1800.00, save R200.00
Course of 6 Treatments is R2160.00, save R240.00

This treatment is a detoxifying and slimming wrap. It contains ginger root extract, giving a natural warming effect on the skin.
Synergic blend of 9 essential oils to assist in detoxifying the skin, stimulate lymph drainage and helps with body contouring.
Only treated on desired areas.