Rhino Fundraising Dinner

Thank you for your fabulous support! 25% of the proceeds from the evening went to the Munyawana Conservation Fund. Guests were treated to a delicious Buffet Dinner and entertained by guest speaker, Gordon Bailey, author of “Game Ranging: A Life worth Living”.


Majestic Tower of Giraffe

Last week had a couple of guests with me on a Sunny Falaza afternoon drive, they were very friendly guests visiting us from Durban. As we were driving through the reserve, we came across a very special and unusual sighting with a Leopard on an impala kill in a spectacular close view to the trail.

After having a sighting that was hard to beat, we drove on further where we soon found a tower of Giraffe resting in the Shade of the picnic site. We pulled up close and set up to have our Snacks and good icy drink, having the giraffe so close really gives you the appreciation of how majestic giraffe actually are. As we packed up and finding our way back to the lodge another rare sighting flew into a nearby branch a Perfectly handsome Narina Trogan, a birders delight.

For a hot sunny afternoon these sightings were golden, giving light to the beautiful diversity Falaza Game Park has to offer.

Written by : Ranger Jeffery

 Pretty in pink: flamingos put on a colour display at False Bay

As winter sets in over Zululand, exquisite painted skies of colour and crisp mornings are a reminder that this is a truly special time of year in Africa. And this year we have been exceptionally fortunate, with nature putting on a particularly memorable show for guests and staff at Falaza Game Park and Lodge.

A short five kilometres from Falaza lies False Bay Park – an extension of the famous iSimangaliso Wetland Park. This hidden gem has the incredible birdlife, varied terrain and ecosystems, and beautiful landscapes without the hype. As such, a visit to False Bay Park yields a relatively intimate experience of this popular destination. Offering daily game drives to False Bay Park, we have been lucky enough to witness one of nature’s great love stories at play and – as is to be expected – it has been spectacular to observe.

Flamingo breeding seasons are irregular but, in False Bay, their feathers are getting pinker every day. This natural marvel is part of a courtship ritual it is a privilege to witness and all comes down to looking more attractive to a potential mate. Using oil from glands located near the tail, birds preen themselves with this oil to preserve their feathers and enhance waterproofing. In the flamingo, this oil is rich in a compound that intensifies their colour and they engage in this behaviour more frequently during the mating season. This is done by both males and females.

Flamingos are an outstanding species to observe and make for very exciting sightings. This is especially the case as their colour deepens – a rare privilege for those lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. For guests embarking on an early morning sunrise game drive, it is a treasured gift to experience such a serene time of day in this sublime setting. The superb location of False Bay is a still and tranquil location from which to welcome in a new day; the elegance of the flamingos flocking in the shallows of the bay in the foreground.

A ten-minute drive from Falaza, False Bay Park is one of the lodge’s many nearby attractions. Offering a chance to see an array of birdlife, daily game drives and walks at False Bay Park are one of the many activities you can do to enrich your stay with us. A stone’s throw from Sodwana Bay Marine Reserve, St Lucia, and Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Game Reserve, experience the best of Zululand with a full complement of nature-based activities including game drives, guided walks, boat cruises, and wildlife shows and interactions.

We look forward to welcoming you and sharing the wonders of the area with you during the course of your stay. Enquire now to find out more about the different activities on offer for the whole family and let’s make your stay at Falaza Game Park and Spa an unforgettable bush holiday.

Written by: Claire Fraser

Amazing Leopard Experience

On my recent stay at Falaza Game Park, I had an amazing experience on my Saturday afternoon game drive. The guide was brilliant and directed us perfectly where we got to see most of the animals – Buffalos, Wildebeest, Red Duiker, Zebras, Nyala, Springboks, what we didn’t plan to see was a leopard hidden in the bushes waiting for us to pass so he could go back to eating the Nyala (that was lying a few meters away). Unfortunately I wasn’t quick enough with my camera to take a picture! We would have certainly missed this fortunate siting if it wasn’t for the expertise of the guide who noticed the foot prints of the leopard leading in the same direction as the dead Nyala we passed earlier! It was an incredible experience to top off an amazing weekend stay at the lodge. The staff were brilliant as well as the amazing massages that was included in the package. A memorable weekend indeed!

Written by: Sholain Perumal

Ranger Diaries – February 2018

This past month has been a truly spectacular month to be a guide not only in terms of sightings but also thanks to the awesome guests we have had here at falaza. Some of these guests were actually here for a wedding, I was fortunate enough to take the bride, groom and immediate family out on an afternoon game drive to the beautiful Hluluwe-Imfolozi national park where we had a five star sighting of three lionesses enjoying the warm afternoon sun whilst attempting an unsuccessful zebra hunt. The lionesses then proceeded to walk right past our game viewer mouth open and the slightest glimpse of disappointment in her eye yet still as beautiful as ever on the hunt for her next meal.

Written By: Nathan Hannon

Magnificent Hluhluwe | Imfolozi Game Reserve

After another day spend in the Magnificent Hluhluwe – Imfolozi Game reserve just as we were coming up to the end of our 3 hour game drive we had some amazing sightings of zebra, giraffe, Nyala and rhino. As we drove out of Maphumulo road to our left towards the gate we then spotted an elephant bull. There was one game viewer in front of us full of guests also eager for the sighting. As we stopped a couple of metres away from the bull on our left I noticed his temporal glands were wet meaning he was on musth so I did not want to get too close. What if he got agitated with us being so close he could just squish the car in to a pancake? The elephant was enjoying eating the green grass, shrubs and branches very calmly then all of a sudden he started moving towards the game viewer in front of me. My thoughts were “do not panic” and that’s what the driver did, staying still and calm he did not move the vehicle. As the elephant got closer and closer to the car I started to cringe inside just imagining what could happen. The elephant was standing in front of the vehicle resting his tusks on the bonnet of the vehicle I thought the worst, after a few minutes of the elephant standing there he gallivanted off towards the trees with a slight swagger in his step like he was just showing off his big tuskers.This truly was a great experience for myself and my guests, a memory we will have of the Mightiest and strong but soft hearted African Bush Elephant.

Written by: Brice Robinson