The Spa at Falaza Game Park

The ultimate spa experience awaits you at the Spa of Falaza Game Park.

Combining up-to-date facilities with impeccable service, the spa is nestled among the indigenous foliage of the magnificent bush, a peaceful, natural haven to rejuvenate mind, body and soul.

The Spa at Falaza offers relaxation, revitalization and pure pampering for men and women alike.

The combination of the tranquility of this natural environment and our specialized treatment will ensure that every one feels completely relaxed and rejuvenated in the magnificent surrounding of Zululand bushveld.

Before each treatment the client is made comfortable by changing into a robe. The client will be taken to the relaxation area where they will receive a traditional izinyawo cleanse (foot gift).

The feet are cleansed in a bowl of warm water with a blend of juniper, tangerine and blue mountain sage. Once cleansed the feet are wrapped in a cool, rejuvenating and softening foot mask.

With the soothing sounds of mother nature one can enjoy each treatment at the Spa of Falaza Game Park.